Friday, April 2, 2010

Interview with Vita Chambers

Hello Vita Chambers

1st Question: What type of music do you play?
- My genre of music is POP ROCK

2nd Question: How long have you been a singer?
- I have been singing since I was about 12 years old.

3rd Question: Do you have any albums out?
- Yes, my EP came out on itunes in early March and it is called The Get Go. It is cool,I think.

4th Question: What was it like to have the Itunes Free Song of The Week?
- It was AMAZING to have the itune song of the week.I was shocked that there were 460,000 downloads of my song for that week.

5th Question: What is the Best Artist that you have performed or worked with?
- I am a new and aspiring artist,and I really would like to open for Pink if I have the chance.I have not opened for my dream artists yet,since I am a newby.

6th Question: Where is the coolest place that you have ever performed?
The coolest place is in Detroit at the Halftime show on Thanksgiving last November in front of 70,000 and 20 million on TV.You can see it on you tube.Also in Atlanta on Soul train awards with Estelle last Nov.

7th Question: Are you on Twitter? If so what is your link.
Yes, I am on twitter @vitachambers.Yes, I will really respond to my fans on twitter myself.

The Interview Today: Thank you Vita Chambers for doing this Interview with us and we hope to do one with you again in the future.

Vita Chambers: Anytime Cool, V

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