Friday, April 2, 2010

Interview with The Sunday Fire

Hello, The Sunday Fire

1st Question: Who are the members of your band?
- Jordan Smith - Vocals, Guitar.. Scott Perry - guitar.. Brendan Kennedy - Drums...Steven Kiefer - Bass

2nd Question: What type of music do you guys play?
- We play Pop Punk

3rd Question: How long have you guys been a band?
- We have now been a band for 4 years with multiple member changes!

4th Question: How many albums have you guys released, what was your top selling?
- We have released one EP and working on our second EP and are writing for a full length!

5th Question: What is the best band you have ever performed with or opened for?
- We play with a lot of amazing bands but playing with Silverstein is probaby the biggest although Ten Second Epic have been really nice to us! The best band we've ever played with is Lifestory Monologue they are good friends of ours and just an amazing band ( )

6th Question: Where is the coolest place you have ever performed?
- Mavericks Bar in Ottawa Ontario is the venue where we've had our best shows.

7th Question: Are you guys on Twitter?
- If so what is your link. @thesundayfire @kennedy117 @jordanTSF @bogeyedsteve @scottperryTSF

The Interview Today: Thank you for allowing us to do this interview and we hope to interview you again.

The Sunday Fire: Thanks for interviewing us! Come check out our new song on myspace, become a fan on facebook, follow us on twitter and vote daily for us to play warped tour at !

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